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Kruger privacy practices

As a leading provider of ventilation solutions, we aim to provide you with information regarding our service and consultation through our website. We also understand the unavoidable risks involved when using the Internet. Our privacy policy is designed to provide protection for your personal information. This policy applies to websites and domains that are of Kruger’s property. Please note that these sites may contain links to third-party Web sites over which Kruger maintains no control and therefore takes no responsibility regarding privacy considerations or content.

Comments provided by you

Giving us comments is a means which can provide good customer service and technical support. We may use the contacts that you provide us to contact you in an attempt to resolve possible arising issue or to proactively notify each other of technical issues which may affect both Kruger and you. We may also request that you provide us detailed suggestions to help us improve our programs and services. Your comments may be shared with internal business units and affiliated companies around the world to help us deliver better products and services. Kruger may provide information on its customers to other organizations that may be of usefulness and interest to them. Kruger will not disclose your personal information other than those that was submitted to us. If you ask for confidentiality of your information, we will respect your request.

Careers and Employment

For the application of positions in Kruger, you are advised to provide information about yourself in your resume. We may distribute this information throughout Kruger group of companies for the purpose of employment consideration.

Terms of use

Kruger authorizes you to download any of the online graphical and textual documents for non-commercial use within your organization only.

Contacting the Webmaster

If you have any questions or feedback concerning this privacy policy or if you would like us to make any corrections in the website, please contact us at this e-mail address or write to us at the address

No. 10 Buroh Street #06-06, WestConnect Building Singaproe 627564

The webmaster will respond to your inquiry within 30 working days. Note that Kruger may modify this privacy statement from time to time.


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