DWV Series - Wall or Window Extract fans
Domestic Fans


Quick Facts

• Size from 150 to 300
• Capacity up to 1100m3/h
• Easy mounting and compact in size
• Available in manually operated (M)
   by internal pull cord and automatic(A)

Download Brochures
 DWV 50Hz LEA049.E0.ED6.PDF
acrobat DWV 60Hz LEA049.S0.ED3.PDF

 DWV General Instruction (IGB028.E0)


Fan casings and impellers are manufactured from tough injection moulded polypropylene, the front grille from high quality ABS and the neon indicators from polycarbonate.

Max. operating temperature +40degC

All motor are single phase, shaded pole, 230V, 50Hz fitted with internal thermal protection devise to protect against abnormal overheating.