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Inventing the future of ventilation

One of the group’s strengths is its capacity to generate new projects.

The recent economic impact due to the pandemichas not, in any way, inhibited any reduction in innovation or investment at Kruger Ventilation Group.

On the contrary it has accelerated our appetite to innovate and invest as the Company has strived to turn the risks currently presen­ted by the pandemic into opportunities by reinforcing our commitment to clients; working together to solve their problems; anticipating their needs and above all main­taining a high degree of quality and reliability in our pro­ducts. We are firmly dedicated to continue a strategy of growth..

The next few years will see a continuation of our transfor­mation process from a product supplier to a ventilation system provider. Our clients require ventilation solutions that are simple to install, operate and maintain and which are competitively priced when considering not only the initial investment but throughout the working life of the product.

Kruger Ventilation Group wishes to continue as a leading company applying local policies to maintain our growth in a controlled manner supported by our clients and our workforce.

We will incorporate new technologies with the aim of achieving constant improvement in our products as well as continuously improving our services offered to our clients. We will strive to introduce ever more efficient products and systems into the market that reduce energy con­sumption whilst protecting the environment.

We wish to be seen by our clients and employees as a leader they can trust, not only as a result of our products, but also for the human and professional values of everyo­ne working in Kruger Ventilation Group.

Design and Conceptualisation

Today it is not enough to simply manufacture reliable and high-quality products.

Energy savings and product effi­ciency, both in aerodynamic and acoustic terms, are the basic foundations for the design of our products. In this regard we use the most advanced aerodynamic simula­tion software and other technological productivity tools to assist our developments

The firm commitment of all Kruger Ventilation Group companies to improving product efficiency and energy savings, have led us to adopt what we call EcoWatt, This design philosophy forms the basis of concepts such as our Controlled Demand Ventilation and Intelligent Control System ranges along with products specifically designed to reduce carbon footprint.

In addition, as result of this philosophy, Kruger Ventilation Group engineers do not only work on efficien­cy but also take into account the recyclability of com­ponents for the purpose of reducing the environmental impact of products when they reach the end of their ser­vice life.

Research & Development, a source of competitive advantage

Kruger Ventilation Group produces a wide range of products often derived from a common platform. This common product platform is then adapted to suit the needs of each local market. For this reason, our R&D team have been set up to research and develop products according to the specific needs or legal framework of  each region.

This is why research is an important source of competitive advantage for.Kruger Ventilation. Researching, discovering, striving for excellence, in short, innovating, is what sets us apart from the competition and allows us to reach consumers.

Additionally, our product range adapts to the specific needs and characteristics of local markets, taking into account the legal framework in each country. Having subsidiaries around Asia has allowed us to create R&D and offices for each region

The transfer of information and experience derived from this global approach enriches the work of our R&D and departments on a daily basis. In these centres, more than 75 engineers and technicians work to create products with the best possible features.Our sophisticated, exclusive software is a decisive factor in ensuring that we achieve the quality our customers demand, as it allows us to simulate how these units will behave from the very beginning of the design process, thus saving time and effort.